City Apartment

Visualization of a city apartment.


Every month I try to complete a small personal project. 30 days to sharpen my skills or try out new techniques.

Here I wanted to create something  close to photo-real. I also wanted to to trial Substance Designer and Marvelous Designer. I focused on creating a single frame of a city apartment.

Some of the assets I created myself and others were gathered from purchased asset libraries, although most of them were modified to my liking. The scene was composed with C4D, rendered with Redshift and final frames composited in After Effects with some slight adjustments in Photoshop.

I wanted the image to have some depth, to create the feeling the apartment continued outside the frame so included the open doorway and mirror which reflected another area of the apartment just out of view. This also gave me the opportunity for some interesting lighting opportunities in the sunset and night time renders.

While I wanted to create something close to photo real by restricting myself to a single camera POV I took liberties with areas outside the cameras view, as you can see from the birds eye view image below.